Small Business Marketing: Promoting Events Via Facebook

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Small Business Marketing – Taking advantage of social networking tools such as Facebook is a cost effective small business marketing solution.

One of the most popular ways to promote your business and engage your customers is to create an event through Facebook.

All too often, small, yet integral details are overlooked when creating an event on Facebook, therefore not generating the leads or traction that business owners are hoping to gain through the event.

Small Business Marketing: Promoting Events Via Facebook

For this reason, Entrepreneur shares some essential steps for creating a successful business event on Facebook:

  1. To get started with creating an event, you will need to add the Events App to your business’s Facebook page.
  2. Be sure to include a URL to register for your event several times throughout your event description. Make this call to action in ALL CAPS.
  3. Offer very specific instructions with a link to where the event will be taking place.
  4. Since Facebook does not differentiate between time zones, be sure to clearly state what time the event will be taking place.
  5. Capture your audience’s attention through two compelling images that advertise the event. The first image should be for the event page and the second one should serve as a thumbnail for your event app.
  6. Enable attendees to post on the event wall by NOT checking the button for “only admins can post on event wall.”
  7. While you can not send out a mass invite through Facebook, you can more effectively target your attendees for the event by taking advantage of the “invite friends” tool on the event page. Also, be sure to promote your event with timeline posts on your company’s Facebook page.

Has your business created an event on Facebook in the past? What tactics did you put in place to ensure the success of this event?