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Small Business Internet Marketing Advice For Realtors – People are constantly turning to the Internet to learn and gain knowledge, particularly regarding today’s ever-changing real estate market.

Social media provides realtors with a unique way to position themselves as industry experts, helping to build reports and trust with prospective customers before having an opportunity to meet in person.

Those realtors that dedicate the time and resources to a well-implemented social media marketing strategy often experience the most success in their careers.

If you are a realtor that would like to develop an active online presence in 2013, here are some helpful small business Internet marketing tips to take into consideration:

1. Create a Blog For Your Business

Not only will this serve as a vehicle for delivering valuable real estate information to prospective buyers and sellers, but it can help to increase your business’s rank on a search engine results page.

Search engine algorithms take into consideration the quality of the content and how fresh it is and rank results accordingly.

By regularly creating high-quality content on your blog that your target audience would find relevant, the easier you will be found online.

2. Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Other

Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking sites to share pictures and videos of your listings. For a unique approach, Twitter’s new ‘Vine’ video app allows users to upload a brief six-second video, which is perfect for creating hype for a new listing.

Include call-to-action buttons on all of your social media pages to make it easier to be found by prospective clients. By seeming to be everywhere that your target audience is, you are more likely to receive higher-quality leads.

3. Make The Most of Geosocial Networking

Offering local neighborhood tips on popular social apps such as FourSquare and Gowalla can help to position yourself as an expert in a particular part of town and is a unique approach that few realtors are currently using.

Real estate and social media seem to go hand-in-hand, which is why you can’t afford to leave the Internet out of your marketing strategy.

Interested in our work with the real estate industry? Here are a few examples of the clients we’ve worked with to drive new business online! How are you currently using social media to attract new business?