Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

How Nonprofits are Using Social Media Marketing To Make a Strong Impact? Social media is a fantastic marketing outlet that not enough nonprofit organizations are taking advantage of today.

Whereas businesses often use social media to generate closed sales, nonprofits with an active online presence are using social networking sites to spread the word of how to make the lives of others better.

According to an infographic shared by Mashable, here are some ways that the country’s top 50 nonprofits are using social media today:

  • 92 percent of nonprofit organizations utilize at least one social media networking site, with the most popular sites being Facebook (92 percent), Twitter (90 percent), and YouTube (70 percent). Only 12 percent of nonprofits are currently using LinkedIn.
  • Surprisingly, there is no correlation between the amount of money that an organization has and its activity level on social media. There is, however, the opportunity for those organizations that take a more strategic approach towards their social media marketing efforts.
  • The American Red Cross was the first of the large nonprofit organizations to utilize social media marketing and currently has over a half million followers on Twitter. The organizations that took longer to jump on the social media bandwagon seem to have considerably fewer online followers.
  • The Public Broadcasting Service is the most “liked” nonprofit organization on Facebook, and interestingly enough, it is also the most talkative nonprofit on Facebook too. Apparently, this organization is doing something right with its engagement strategy.

One of the biggest takeaways from this infographic is that money is not necessarily linked to a nonprofit organization’s social media success.

New and small nonprofit organizations that put a strategic plan in place to raise awareness for their cause through social media have a huge opportunity to expand their reach online and spread the word. What do you think about these statistics? Are you surprised? We’d love to hear from you!