Instagram Marketing: The Small Business Marketing Guide To Instagram

Instagram Marketing Small Business Marketing – We’ve already hashed out whether Facebook or Instagram is better for small business marketing, and the right answer, of course, depends upon your industry.

Statistics show that people tend to respond more to images versus plain text, and since Instagram offers users a free photo-sharing program, it’s a smart move for businesses to incorporate this social media site into their marketing efforts.

Whether you’re fairly new to Instagram or have been an avid user since day one, here are some helpful small business marketing tips for using Instagram for business purposes courtesy of Entrepreneur:

1. Put a Content Strategy in Place Before Getting Started With Instagram

Since Instagram is image-driven, you will want to use the social media site to help brand your business. The images that you choose to share should help to communicate your brand’s message.

It’s also a good idea to check out the images and graphics that your competitors are sharing on Instagram. How are their fans responding to the content shared? This can help you to better position your own business’s content strategy.

2. Brush Up on Your Photography Skills

Your followers can be very picky about the images that they choose to “like,” so it might be a good idea to take an intro photography class or even hire a professional to snap some pictures for your business.

Also, since the majority of the images on Instagram have been enhanced with filters, you should make use of these too.

3. Use Both Brand-Specific and Generic Hashtags on All of Your Content Shared Via Instagram

Expand your reach on Instagram by allowing users to easily find your images by searching through hashtags.

Using generic hashtags can allow your brand to gain traction among people that may not already be familiar with your business, but are interested in the content that you are sharing.

4. Make The Most of Geolocation and Gamification Tools

The geolocation feature offered by Instagram is known as Photo Map, and activating this feature offers another opportunity to engage your followers.

Brands have also been extremely successful in turning photo sharing into a game, asking followers to submit their own unique photos using your brand’s hashtags or coming up with witty captions.

While Instagram may not be the ideal marketing outlet for every company, it can be an extremely effective way to connect with prospective customers if your target audience is actually using the site. How is your business currently using Instagram today to grow its online reach?